Susan Idlet

I decided I would be an artist when I was a little girl. Specifically an abstract artist, living in a garret in Greenwich Village, dressed entirely in black, smoking cigarettes and drinking lots of coffee. That was my 6-year-old vision. I actively pursued this goal until I was 15 when I stopped making art altogether. That was 1970, and maybe I was having too much fun being a young hippie to focus on my art.

I finally got the courage to start up again, and today I can truly say that I AM an artist (living in NW Arkansas, wearing lots of black, drinking plenty of coffee, and happy to be an ex-smoker.)

I love clear, intense colors. I scrub my Prisma pencils down to their nubs to fully cover the white of the paper. I draw inspiration from photographs and phrases/words. Sometimes my pencils are drawn to the humorous side.

I find joy each day drawing at my kitchen table to the soundtrack of the whirring pencil sharpener and family conversation. I can’t wait to see what comes next!