Samuel is a visual artist from Fayetteville, AR. He has lived and worked professionally as an artist and designer in NW Arkansas for over 10 years.

Artist statement:

"My work tends to have a surrealist manner and hyper-realistic style. Charcoal is my primary medium of expression which is a give and take relationship. The physically exhausting process of putting on the charcoal and erasing it gives a raw and exposed feeling similar to subject matter. You are left with an emotional experience that sometimes gives an answer, but mostly leaves you with more questions.
As an artist I have the unique ability to creatively cultivate the world around me. I use metaphors and symbols type with portraiture to help share a narrative or an experience that others can connect to.
As a child I used art to share what I wasn’t able to share. What started out as self expression soon became a form of communication with others. I strive to reveal the light in the darkness. You sometimes have to see the bad to understand the good. Art can be used to open our eyes to the unknown and give us a renewed lens of the world and ourselves. I hope that my work gives people the chance to sit, to contemplate, and to experience a wider variety of emotions."