Robin Miller Bookhout

My Joie de Vivre and life-long passion is drawing, painting and creating art work. I have a deep reverence to God and to the many influences that are part of my past and present.  
As a practicing artist, I am partial to watercolors {myfirst love} because of it’s spontaneousness and free spirit, but also enjoy creating using oil pastels, inks, and virtually all art media, including digital artworks. 

My themes resonate of God’s creations, preservation of nature, art of the heart and soul, as well as, still-lifes, historical places.  I am particularly interested in Sumi-e and Gyotaku because of their historical significance and the medium.  The intrigue with these art-forms and medium has so many similarities to the fluidity of watercolor painting, that as a result, I became fascinated with Chinese brush painting.  

My style and technique are correlated to the type of medium I am using, but I am always open and flexible to experimenting and solving artistic problems.
Continually a seeker of learning opportunities, I also enjoy plein air studies, art adventures, traveling and taking photographs of places that family/friends or I visit which later are utilized in my studio.