Photo cred:  @ashkaye

Photo cred: @ashkaye

Rob Gordon

Photography is how I orient myself to the world. I photograph compulsively, capturing images of my life and surrounding environment. I believe that hidden within the photographic impulse are the collected memories of a lifetime.

We retain more memories than we can recall, and need only mechanisms to access them. Like Proust’s madeleine, photography and art can be these mechanisms. This generative process is central to my practice; taking a photograph can stimulate a memory, which can than lead to more involuntary memories and more photographs. One photograph leads to the next, just as one moment or one choice leads to another.

Dealing with themes of masculinity, trauma, illness, nostalgia and longing, my art interrogates the nature of memory and how the past shapes our future. Through reflecting on improvised photographs of the quotidian, I hope to strip away the veneer of everyday life and get to something vital and true.