Pat Hennon

Painting is about finding rhythms; rhythms between color, shape, form, and feelings.  My art is also about geometry and the thin borders between abstraction and realism.  I’m interested in how these different elements in painting interact with each other and what happens spontaneously on canvas or board because of those connections.

Landscape, figurative and symbolic images are the painting categories I work within.  In each category the other two aspects may also be present.  For example, a landscape painting may include figurative representation and/or have a symbolic relationship to nature.  I depict strong emotionalism in my artwork.

It’s the tension of opposites I try and hold within my work and myself.  Then a third thing can occur like a realization or an experiment that leads into a new energy.  For me, it takes a creative venue to actualize my own authenticity.  The art medium becomes a mirror for my deeper real self to continue to emerge.  My artwork, also, grows deeper, becomes a reflection of myself.