Nathan Mabry

Nathan Jay Mabry

Nathan Jay Mabry creates portrait and figure works that blend realism, figurative abstraction and pure abstract design. He works in acrylic and mixed media. In his work he ponders Mental Health, Human Interaction, Communication, Perception and Socialism.

I am not my mental illness, there is much more to me, but it is a part of me and my work often deals with mental health as a subject and a process. My bipolar disorder allows, inspires, forces me to work in a manic space of automatic design and expressive action, while at other times conversely allowing, inspiring, forcing me to work in a depressive space of controlled design while using tedious work as a means of mindful meditation. This isn't to romanticize mental illness, but to accept myself and to utilize my brain to the best of my ability. Early development of my current style came as a means of combating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as a teenager. My work often plays in the fields and themes of psychology, sociology, philosophy, perception and communication. I am working on finding a balance between realism, figurative abstraction and pure abstract to convey human nature as a malleable, dissonant, joyous mystery. I have a great passion for performance and written word. I also very much enjoy socialism. I don't want to put too much claim on myself as this-or-that artistically quite yet because I am young, I enjoy experimenting in different forms and art is a means of growth.