MM Kent

“Painting is what I do to make sure I’m really seeing the world around me and appreciating it.”

My mother was a great facilitator so I learned to draw early,  painted a picture every year or so and as a young man took a couple of classes in drawing and design at the University of Texas in Austin.  After University I moved to Arkansas and became a “generalist” (carpenter, farmer, plumber, electrician, etc.) applying my creative energy to the many tasks of rural life and raising children in Stone County, Arkansas.

In 1986 I started painting in earnest, studying techniques of Impressionism and Realism with a few instructors, but mostly I’ve followed my own course. Over the last 32 years, my work has been shown in 14 states and has won top prizes in several national competitions, including an Award of Excellence at the American Impressionist Society’s 2011 National Juried Show in  Carmel, California.

After living at the end of the road for over 30 years, my wife, Anne and I moved to Fayetteville in 2003, where the community has been an inspiration for my artwork. My work includes figure painting, landscapes, street scenes and still life but I have yet to paint my masterpiece.