Martha Litton Guirl

I received my B.A in Art History and Fine Arts at the University of Arkansas. I am a Fayetteville native and 3rd generation artist. I grew up exploring the Art Institute of Chicago every summer during family vacations. Joseph Cornell’s work impacted me from an early age and the seeds of assemblage were planted. Collecting found objects is a passion for me. I really enjoy it when people give me things they have found as well to use in my artwork. Sometimes it can take months to years for pieces to finally come together. I work intuitively with materials and let the shapes, textures, and symbolism dictate how they should be placed together.

I enjoy putting objects together that don’t have an immediate relationship. I am drawn to skeletal and botanical items that when blended together create intriguing connections visually and conceptually. I like the challenge of finding an artistic association of contrasting objects. I love everything vintage and am compelled by the hidden history.

“Nature has its own coherence and structure and the artist need only watch for it and capture it.”

Donald Harington