Karla Walden Caraway

“In contrast to today’s rushed and often confusing world, my artworks tend to be quiet and contemplative, and offer a space that can encourage viewers to slow down and ponder a bit. The contradictions in my work, which are evident, help bring this introspection about. At once both orderly and chaotic, precise and playful, analytic and intuitive, these opposing forces push and pull each other, and in their interaction comes an unexpected harmony that reflects the natures of both our inner and outer worlds.”

Karla Walden Caraway has been working recently in the media of silverpoint drawing, ink and watercolor, but also enjoys oils, woodcut printmaking, and batik. She received her B.A. in Drawing, Painting, and Printmaking from the College of the Ozarks in Missouri and continued studying studio art and art education at the University of Arkansas. After a career teaching high school art, she believes working closely with students has led her to a more personal approach to artmaking and ideas. She has conducted teacher workshops at Crystal Bridges, studied the history of American and Asian art, and teaches private art lessons. Born in Arkansas, Fayetteville has been her home for over 35 years.