Jaquita Ball

A nationally recognized and collected professional artist for over 40 years, Ball has no desire to retire from her profession. "Seriously," she says, "Why give up a job you love and enjoy going to every day!"

Ball’s art is her voice on issues, such as environment, climate change, animal rights, mean girl bullying, women’s rights, health care, immigration, historical tragedies, racial and gender equality, spirituality ... so much is interwoven into her pieces. She is not a “throw it in your face” artist, so her art can be enjoyed for just the pureness of color or subtlety of a storm. Ball also enjoys creating art for just decorative pleasure, especially in the abstract or plein aire. It is all about the creative process, an image in her mind from the past, an incident on the news, a reflective moment that almost always is manifested as a painting in her mind.

Red Cat Art in Bentonville, AR is Ball's studio where she goes to create almost every day, from large fine art paintings to handmade jewelry to small wonders she calls wall jewelry. She offers several price points and can custom create to your specifications. Rest assured, with a career that spans from being a courtroom artist on a national scale to a successful career as a marketing/business development/media relations executive to the return to fine art, Ball’s collections will have something for most anyone.