Heather Younger Morton

Heather Younger Morton is an conceptual artist with her MFA in Visual Art from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Named after the first ever woman gemologist, she is a Eunice Miles Full Tuition Scholarship Recipient from the Gemologist Institute of America, and is on track to graduate as a Graduate Gemologist this year. Heather's interests in the subjective theory of value, the pressure of time, and analytical communication flows throughout her relationships, artwork, and day to day as an independent brand ambassador. She enjoys leadership roles, and has been a teaching artist for 12 years with a passion for educating students of all ages. 

"Aiming to form a human connection, my work exists to assist the viewer down a path of self reflection. I'm very interested in progress and what we have to show for it. I'm always reaching to communicate reflections of everyday observations and personal conflicts. Through it's nature, the art I create is flooded with validation, confrontation, and introspection."