Hank Kaminsky


My earliest work and educational experience is in the field of science and particularly electronics. I have worked as a test engineer at Hazeltine Electronics, American Bosch Arma Corp. and at S&M Products Corp. in NYC (where I helped design a golf playing machine). My interest in the technology of art is reflected in my work at the Cooper Union in NYC (where I was employed as the facilities manager for the sculpture and architecture technical studios from 1967-1970) and before that at Queens College where I served as ceramics technician while a student there. I operated a bronze foundry in my home and on one of my two European trips. Since 1971 I have been working with a technique I call "Sand-Matrix Design". An example of this technique can be seen in the sculpture "Miracle of the Double Helix" which I installed in 1997 in Little Rock at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and more recently the World Peace Prayer fountain sculpture.

My sculptures these days are little poems about the nature of god and the peace that comes from knowing that no matter how scattered or chaotic our understanding we are still connected to greater truths.