Ed Pennebaker

Ed Pennebaker is a visual artist whose studio is in Clinton, Arkansas.  He has lived and worked as a craftsman and sculptor in Arkansas since 1985.

My works are statements about environmental concerns at the local, regional, or national level.  I have made work about seismic activity caused by fracking in Van Buren County (and other counties in Arkansas) and across the nation.  Titles of some of the sculpture series I have worked on and continue to revisit occasionally are  “Crepuscular Landscape”, “Eluvium: the place of origin”, and “Formations”.

These latest sculptures have combined glass with various metals (fabricated, found, or cast), stone, and sometimes wood or found objects.  My background and interest in various glass techniques helps me include some form of it in almost anything I do.  Besides working with hot glass at the furnace I have used flame working, hot casting, cold working, and fusing to develop my ideas.  I continually strive to make a statement that is about more than just the seductiveness of the glass.  I am interested in the Glass Secessionist group and the idea of moving beyond a craftsman in glass to artistic expression using whatever media necessary to develop the content of the artwork.