David Bachman

David grew up and spent his early twenties in south Florida. He received his MFA degree from Florida State University. David taught art in Florida for five years before moving to Texas where taught drawing and design at San Jacinto College.

He and his family have lived in Fayetteville for the last forty years. The motifs and colors of south Florida have greatly influenced his mixed media paintings. His individual style is easily recognizable and hangs in private collections through the U.S.

Over the last ten years he has developed the habit of doing mixed media drawings before going to bed. He calls this his nocturnal musings, and they are very different from his daytime paintings. Sometimes he starts with an image (figure); at other times he just starts with some random marks, smudges, etc. and see where it takes him. In these nocturnal musings he experiments with media such as charcoal, prism colors, printing ink, watercolor, grease penicl, show polish, collage, etc.

Artist Statement: Adjusting internal magnifying glasses and rear view mirror can be tricky at times.