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Cindy Arsaga

Cindy Arsaga lives in Winslow, AR, a short drive from Fayetteville.  She has several acres on a mountaintop and in the summer, she mows a lot.  She and her family own a coffee roaster and restaurant business in Fayetteville, which they founded in 1992.  She is involved with local city issues in Fayetteville and is a board member of Ozark Folkways in Winslow. And a studio artist at 3 East Mountain, just off the Fayetteville Square. 

Her work is mainly mixed media, and often combines encaustic medium with imagery from my own photographs.  Encaustic is a term used for a mixture of beeswax and damar resin, which is applied in a molten state to a receptive surface.  In much of her work printed imagery is included with materials that have been gathered randomly, and assembled in layers on a paper or masonite substrate. She also works with photo transfers over assembled backgrounds, and with assemblage as the primary focus and encaustic as a binder or sealer.

She gravitates to natural imagery and outdoors scenes, and enjoys driving back roads collecting images as they catch her eye.  Much of her work is monochromatic and moody, and there are a lot of birds, which she is very fond of, particularly crows.