Carol Corning

Carol Corning was born in 1955 and grew up on a 150 acre farm in a family of ten. She uses found objects and fused glass to take the viewer back to a time when families ate, worked , and played together.

My latest works are inspired by my mother who was an avid quilter. The glass quilts are reminiscent of the quilts she made for her children, grandchildren and friends. Whether I’m assembling quilt block or creating scenes of women from the era I grew up in, my stories are about a simpler time. I recall everything important happening in the kitchen around the table. Evenings were filled with dominos, poker games, sewing, studying, cooking and even bathing in a #2 Washtub during the winter. My attempt is to recreate shared memories that evoke emotion my viewers who have have lived during that time or have heard stories passed down from their parents. I am drawn to color and light through the use of glass and my work is constantly changing as I experiment with glass and found objects.